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EFLM database on biological variation

The EFLM is delighted to announce the launch of the new database for biological variation. Thisdatabase, produced by the EFLM WG “Biological Variation” and the EFLM TG “Biological Variation Database” was launched at the EuroMedLab Congress in Barcelona. The Ricos-Westgard database is now outdated and replaced by this new EFLM official database.

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Quantifying atherogenic lipoproteins for lipid-lowering strategies: consensus-based recommendations from EAS and EFLM

Michel R. Langlois, Børge G. Nordestgaard, Anne Langsted, M. John Chapman, Kristin M. Aakre, Hannsjörg Baum, Jan Borén, Eric Bruckert, Alberico Catapano, Christa Cobbaert, Paul Collinson, Olivier S. Descamps, Christopher J. Duff, Arnold von Eckardstein, Angelika Hammerer-Lercher, Pia R. Kamstrup, Genovefa Kolovou, Florian Kronenberg, Samia Mora, Kari Pulkki, Alan T. Remaley, Nader Rifai, Emilio Ros, Sanja Stankovic, Ana Stavljenic-Rukavina, Grazyna Sypniewska, Gerald F. Watts, Olov Wiklund and Päivi Laitinen, for the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) and the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) Joint Consensus Initiative

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A Belgian consensus strategy to identify familial hypercholesterolaemia in the coronary care unit and its subsequent cascade screening and treatment: BEL-FaHST (The BELgium Familial Hypercholesterolaemia STrategy)

O. S. Descamps, O. Van Caenegem, M. P. Hermans, J.-L. Balligand, C. Beauloye, A. Bondue, S. Carlier, E. Castermans, F. Chenot, M. Claeys, C. De Block, A. de Leener, A. De Meester, F. Demeure, H. De Raedt, W. Desmet, I. Elegeert, M. Guillaume, E. Hoffer, R. Kacenelenbogen, P. Lancellotti, M. Langlois, A. Leone, A. Mertens, N. Paquot, O. Vanakker, J.-L. Vanoverschelde, A. Verhaegen, P. Vermeersch, C. Wallemacq, E. Rietzschel

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The 2019 Flemish consensus on screening for overt diabetes in early pregnancy and screening for gestational diabetes mellitus

K. Benhalima, C. Minschart, P. Van Crombrugge, P. Calewaert, J. Verhaeghe, S. Vandamme, K. Theetaert, R. Devlieger, L. Pierssens, H. Ryckeghem, E. Dufraimont, C. Vercammen, A. Debie, C. De Block, G. Vandenberghe, S. Van Imschoot, S. Verstraete, L. Buyse, J. Wens, J. Muyldermans, A. Meskal, S. De Spiegeleer and C. Mathieu

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