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The RBSLM was created in 2014 as a merging of the former Royal Belgian Society of Clinical Chemistry (created in 1958) and the Belgian Society of Clinical Biology .

In 2015, the first Annual Meeting of the RBSLM took place in Brussels at the ULB (Campus Erasme).

The year after, in 2016, the annual meeting of the RBSLM was organized in association with the Belgian Bone Club in Seraing.

In 2017, we held a joint National Symposium with the Belgian Lipid Club in Bruges.

In 2018, the Annual Meeting came back to Brussels and was jointly organized with the Belgian Thyroid Club.


Etienne Cavalier

Etienne Cavalier


Matthijs Oyaerts

Matthijs Oyaert

President Elect

Matthias Cuyck

Matthias Cuyck


Jean-Louis Bayart

Jean-Louis Bayart


pieter Vermeersch

Pieter Vermeersch

EFLM Representative

joris delanghe

Joris Delanghe

IFCC representatitve

In the process of publication in the Belgian Official Gazette.


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